Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Every few years I send out a letter to my nearest and dearest and this year it seems most appropriate. It starts with a story about a friend named Rachelle. We worked together at Denny's and were very close, I even stood up at her wedding. She left Denny's and like happens so many times,  we didn't really keep in contact. One year I ran into her at Target in the spring or summer, we were both in a hurry so we chatted a little and said we'd get together soon. Cut to Thanksgiving of that year; I got a message on my cell phone to call her husband, when I called him back he told me that Rachelle had gotten sick out of nowhere and died that morning. She wasn't even 30 years old.

I realized after she was gone that I had never told her how much she meant to me, that I loved her and that knowing her had added to my life. People come into our lives, some stay for just a short time and some become life long friends, but they all serve a purpose. They teach lessons about life or they help you to learn about yourself, they contribute to the person you become. I vowed then to never let another special person leave my life without knowing how much they meant to me.

So, whether I spoke to you today or if we haven't spoken in years, you are one of those people. In some way you have contributed to the person I have become. I do not send this out as a mass facebook post or to everyone on my contact list. If you are reading this it is because when I look back at my life or into my heart I remember you and I smile. Thank you and I very truly love you.



Mommy of Two said...

I love you <3

Brandy Lucero said...

Thank you Dani...You are so amazing. I'm so glad to have known you and even though we haven't seen each other in years- you are often on my mind. Love ya mama :)

DangitDoug said...

Thank you. I love you too Dani. I know we don't see each other often but I also know there are a few special people that God has placed in my life. You are truly one of those special people.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Love you back lots and lots.

Mark Peterson said...

Thank you for sharing that with me. I count you as one of special people that holds great memories for me. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Jabriel Shakoor said...

Thx you! ! Luv!